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Have you thought about doing a Boudoir session, but have never been able to justify it? I think every woman deserves to have a session and see herself in a new light. But if you need an excuse, here are 10 reasons to convince you to do it.

Boudoir session, Hotel Diamond, Chico, CA
  1. Milestone Birthday – Turning 30? 40? 70? What better way to celebrate a big milestone in your life than to celebrate your body? It has brought you all this way and deserves all the love and attention you can give it.

2. Engagement/Wedding – This moment (while it may happen more than once in your life, hopefully not, but who knows) is a monumental event and it makes for a great gift for your significant other. While I never promote doing a boudoir session for the sole purpose of gifting to someone else, it’s still a great bonus. Celebrate you, this moment AND get a great gift.

Boudoir session, Hotel Diamond, Chico, CA

3. Anniversary – Have a big anniversary coming up and want to celebrate? Do a shoot to show yourself and your spouse/partner how far you have come and show your confident, sexy side.

4. Divorce/Break Up – Choose to celebrate the end of something that no longer works with a tribute to yourself and who you are right now. Something ended and that is devastating (or maybe not) but celebrate who you are and the new life ahead of you. Plus you’ll get a great confidence boost to start off your new life!

Boudoir Session, AirBnB, Chico, CA

5. Motherhood – Becoming a mother is such an incredible time in your life. The one thing that often gets overlooked, though, is our own needs. Your body has changed or is still changing if you are still pregnant, but that is something to celebrate. Life has been created and you deserve to remember who you are as your own woman/Goddess. 

6. See Yourself In A New Light – We all have times in our lives where we don’t feel as confident in our own skin. Bodies change and maybe we aren’t ok with it. Getting out of your comfort zone and proving you can do something is an amazing confidence boost. Add to that the gorgeous photos you will see yourself in an all new light and can reconnect with yourself.

Boudoir session, Hotel Diamond, Chico, CA

7. Excuse To Buy New Lingerie – did you just buy some gorgeous new lingerie? Have you had your eye on a few sexy pieces but haven’t found an excuse to buy them yet? Well what better reason than for a photo shoot. Buy the pieces and show how well they flatter your curves in some sexy photos.

8. New Experience – Want to try something new? It’s such a fun and unique experience that will make you want to come back for more to document yourself at each stage of your life.

Boudoir Session, Chico, California

9. Celebrate an Accomplishment – Did something big happen in your life and you want to celebrate your own success? Maybe you got the job you’ve been dreaming of or maybe you met your goal to become healthier. Celebrate it. Show yourself how much you value YOU. 

10. Because You Want To – Why not?! You don’t need an excuse or reason to do something for yourself. Self love and self care should be a normal part of your life and so often it becomes the first thing to go on our to do lists. So just do it!

You never need a reason to do something for yourself, but I think I’ve given you plenty of ideas to convince you anyway. Most importantly, do it for you. To see more, follow me on Instagram @boudoirwithkylie and fill out my contact form to chat and get your session booked!

Boudoir Session, AirBnB, Chico, CA
Boudoir session, Hotel Diamond, Chico, CA

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