“We should buy a bar!”

My weekend was spent editing photos, doing a photo session in Upper Park, and hanging out with my mom and kids while my husband was away. Shout out to my mom who keeps my kids entertained so I can get stuff done! Thanks to her I was able to finish editing the wedding I shot on September 7th for Phil and Jessica. While you scroll through to see photos from the day, read on to learn a little something about my staff.

Let me introduce you to Drew, my husband/second shooter/assistant/bartender extraordinaire. He was a guest at this particular wedding while I was the photographer, but being that he’s also my handy assistant, I put him to work.

It’s a lot of fun having him as my backup for weddings. We have two small children, so to say we don’t get a lot of time to ourselves is an understatement. While shooting a wedding isn’t exactly our own time, it is still fun to be together and it helps me out a lot. The wedding was held at The Rustic Rose in Red Bluff, CA. It is well hidden; so much so that we drove past the entrance and had to turn around. We weren’t sure what to expect upon arrival, but let me tell you this is a rustic themed dream. There were so many little details that went into this place. I was in love! The owners have done a great job in creating such a fun venue.

After arriving, I started taking photos and Andrew decided to make himself useful setting up the alcohol… go figure. At one point I was looking for my “assistant” and couldn’t find him. Any guesses? He had taken up shop in the bar and designated himself bartender… his dream day. Leave it to my husband to take full advantage of a fun situation. People were walking up and waiting for him to pour their wine and he was all too happy with himself. Everyone thought he was with the venue and some even tipped him. We didn’t take the money, don’t worry. It went to the bride and groom.

As you may remember from my last post, Andrew and I are very different. While I tend to be an introvert and on the quieter side, Andrew is quite the opposite. I can’t take him anywhere without him knowing people and/or meeting someone that tells him their life story. Honestly, I don’t know how he does it. He has one of those personalities that gets people talking to him and opening up.

Andrew spent part of his night hanging out with the caterer who told him all about where he came from and how he runs his business. He is one of those people that knows everyone or will by the end of the night.

Needless to say our drive home consisted of stories he heard, events from the day and talks of his dream to buy a bar, and I can’t help but agree he would be a great bartender/owner.

Side note, we don’t just go into weddings and take over, but Andrew is friends with the groom and his bar-tending skills were on point. We also have been very lucky to shoot weddings for amazingly fun brides and grooms who really make us feel like a part of the party.

Below is a collection of photos from the day.

Again, let me know your thoughts and any ideas for future blog posts. I’d love your input.

Chat soon,


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